OSHA Compliant Safety Services in Phoenix, AZ

It's like a friendly audit, where one of our safety experts will walk around your facility or job-site and point out potential violations and safety hazards.
We can save you thousands of dollars in completely avoidable and unnecessary citations. We will write you a report of our findings and help you with solutions to the potential problems.

Safety Walks

Firefighter Wearing A Rolled Hose — First Aid Restocking Services in Phoenix, AZ
Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding is committed to providing a safe work place for all of its employees and those of its subcontractors. No single facet of Palo Verde operation is of greater importance.

Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding has an extensive history of taking measures to educate its workforce, insuring all projects operate under the safest possible conditions. A robust in-house safety program, headed by a dedicated, full-time Corporate Safety Director, works “day-in and day-out” with all levels of Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding personnel, clients and authoritative organizations to identify potential hazard(s) and rapidly mitigating their risk.

The results of these efforts provide a safe work environment for our employees, and strongly affects the overall success of the Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding. Our goal is accident-free work while providing the high level of quality that has been a trademark of the Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding.
At Palo Verde First Aid-Fire-Safety-Shredding, our commitment to safety is based on our vision of a work environment that values the welfare of the individual, instills a sense of ownership and embraces excellence in all aspects of performance.

We are committed to adding value to your business by adhering to best-in-class safety and service protocols. We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and subcontractors first and foremost.
To create and maintain individual responsibility for day-to-day operations we conduct root-cause analyses, participate in safety programs and recognize employees that promote safe work habits.

First Aid Cabinet Refill Service

When an accident occurs you don't want to find yourself without the proper first aid supplies. Let the team at Palo Verde handle that for you. We can come and restock your first aid supplies on a regular basis to make sure you always have the proper supplies. For more information or to set up service call us today
(602) 352-0800.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge & Inspection

Keeping your business protected from a fire starts with making sure you fire extinguishers are ready and functioning properly. Palo Verde can perform routine inspections to properly test and inspection your fire extinguishers. Call us today to learn more or to schedule service (602) 352-0800.

Paper Shredding Service

Have your documents securely destroyed with paper shredding services form Palo Verde. Having your sensitive business or personal information properly destroyed can protect you and your business from becoming a victim of fraud. We will pick up your unwanted sensitive documents and properly destroy them for you. Keep your business protected with the help of Palo Verde shredding service. Call us today to learn more or to schedule pick up.